What To Do When Your Canada Study Permit Expires

One of the vital documents you need to obtain before you enter Canada for studies as an international student is the Canadian study permit. This piece of document permits you to study in Canada for a minimum of six months in any field.

You will need to apply for a study permit if you are coming for elementary, secondary, or language school. Including a university or college studies and the program or course of study must at least run for 6 months minimum.

Before you apply you must have a letter of acceptance from a designated learning institution in Canada. Which means you must first find a school that has been authorized to take international students by the government of your chosen province.

After you have obtained your acceptance letter for a program from a university, then you can submit your application for a study permit, and a student visa which would be a requirement during your stay in Canada.

When your program or studies is completed and your study permit expires, it would be illegal to still remain in Canada. You may need to apply for an extension of study permit or a work permit;

Your options are:

  • Applying for a work permit, if you are qualified for a post-graduate work permit after your studies then you can apply.
  • Apply for a study extension; that is if you still want to continue your studies in Canada.
  • You can also apply for a change of status and then remain in Canada as a visitor.

When To Apply For An Extension

If you don’t apply for a study permit before it expires, you can apply to restore your status within 90 days after it expires. It is advisable to apply for an extension on time at least one month before your status expires so that the process will be completed faster and easier.

When you apply before the status expires, you will be allowed to remain in the country pending when a decision is made on your application, so far as the conditions on the study permit remain unchanged.

How To Apply

  • Go to IRCC site http://www.cic.gc.ca/; click on the catch for language inclination
  • Click on the “Immigration”
  • Click on the “extend your student study permit”
  • Decide how you will apply, on the internet or by paper; online is usually better.
  • Complete the application form IMM 5709; depending on which Operating system your PC uses, you may need to tap on the hyperlink and download the form to your computer get all the information and supporting documents you need
  • Create your MyCIC account; needed for online applications; where you will upload all your documents
  • Pay the required processing charges
  • Submit an application to begin processing.
  • When you get your study permit please transfer a duplicate through your MyHumber account.

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