Requirements For Different Provincial Nominee Programs

Migrating to a Canadian Province of your choice via the Provincial Nominee Program requires you to either apply directly to the province, or the province can select you from the express entry pool depending on your connection with the province.

The Provincial Nominee Program will give preferences to candidates who have some level of connection with a province, these connections include language, work experience, education, and family connection.

Some province will favour more somebody with a job offer in the province, someone who gained an educational credential in the province, someone who has a family member in a particular province and someone who meets their least language demand score in contrast with someone who does not meet any of the aforementioned.

Below are the provinces in Canada, their different PNP, and requirements.

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP)

This program was launched together with the Express Entry program to help speed up the immigration process for immigrants to enter the country.


  • Authentic passport and travelling papers
  • Papers supporting lawful migration status in Canada
  • Educational credentials (degree, certificates, and diploma)
  • Job-related Reference Letters
  • They ought to have gained the fundamental score in language capability for example 4.5 in IELTS or CLB-4.
  • Police testament and certification
  • Civil identity confirmation (age, name, date of birth must be referenced)
  • Skilled Immigration – Skilled Worker 135
  • Skilled Immigration – International Graduate 105
  • Skilled Immigration – Semi-skilled and Entry level 95
  • Express Entry BC – Skilled Worker 135
  • Express Entry BC – International Graduate 105

Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program:

The Alberta Immigration Nominee Program (AINP) was set up alongside the other programs of Canadian states.

The application and immigration nomination procedure of AINP has some similarity with the other PNPs as in it depends intensely on the federal Express Entry program to name potential applicants for immigration.

  • All candidates are to have an offer or employment letter for full-time or a permanent job from an Alberta employer.
  • All candidates are required to have the essential work experience as required by the employer to be eligible for immigration selection.
  • A candidate must obtain the base scores required in IELTS or CLB examination to be eligible for immigration selection.
  • All candidates need to state their goal of living and working in Alberta.
  • All candidates considered for immigration need to have an authentic work license and have other related documents.
  • Every candidate must distinguish their occupation according to the NOC categories _ O, A and B.
  • Candidates must outfit documents approving their lawful residence in their nation of origin.
  • Candidates need to gain a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) affirmation letter.
  • CRS requirement of 300 marks.

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