Different Australian Visa Options For You

If you plan to move to Australia for either a vacation, tourist visit, or permanent relocation, you need to know some visa options for you. You should also have some ideas about the countries reputation, safety, requirement for immigration and the weather.

This article will focus on the requirements and visa options for legal migrants who want to either visit or migrate permanently to the country.

The Government of Australia must first verify;

1. Who you are.

2. What you do.

3. Why you want to come to the country.

4. Where you are coming from.

5. How long you will be in the country.

6. Whether or not you are applying for yourself alone or for family members before you are given an Australian visa.


It does not matter if you are applying for a short visit or you are coming to stay permanently in Australia, the necessary and essential requirement is that you must have a visa that has been duly signed by the Australian officials to be eligible to enter the country.

You should know that any visa you intend to apply for has a different requirement from the others, each unique in their own ways. Before your application is approved you must meet the basic requirements.

The requirements include:

  • Having no criminal record for at least a year and provision of a police certificate to prove what you say.
  • Be at least 18 years and above, if you are travelling by yourself.
  • Possess sufficient funds to care for yourself
  • Have with you the necessary documentation to apply for your visa

The documents include:

  • An international passport
  • Original receipt to prove application fee payment
  • A passport with a white background
  • Documents to prove that you possess sufficient funds to care for yourself
  • Letter of introduction if any
  • Marriage certificate if any
  • Tax clearance
  • Proof of ownership

Many of the documents mentioned above, cover the different types of Australian Visas. You must provide the original documents for your application.

Categories or Types of Australian Visas

The Visa is categorized into two types, which is the short-term visa and the work visas. These options will help you select with ease the type of visa that is best for you.

1. Short-Term Visas

The short term visas are for short-term purposes. They are visas issued for just a short period of time usually between 3 months to 6 months. They include:

A. The Visitor’s Visa: this type of visa is strictly for visitors and for visiting purposes. Those applying for this type of visa are not allowed to work.

B. Transit Visa

eVisitor: this is a type of visa for passport holders who are outside Australia and are eligible.

C. Electronic Travel Authority: this type of visa is issued to mainly passport holders who are from some countries or region. The visa is for a short-term visit for business purposes and tourism.

2. Work Visa

A. Temporary Work Visa: if you apply under this program, it means that you wish to come to Australia to work for a specific employer and for a period of ten years.

B. Skill Select Visa: when the candidate submits an “Expression of Interest” (EOI) through skill select the highly skilled workers and those interested in doing business are selected or considered for this program.

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