Which Province Has the Most Labor Shortage In Canada?

The Canadian government and the different provincial governments in Canada understand that skilled labor shortage in the country can greatly affect their economy and the growth of businesses in the country. The labor shortage means that the country lacks certified and skilled individuals who can fill up vacant positions and this can stall investors from investing in the country.

Provinces that have the most labor shortage are those who have more business, companies, or skilled trade occupations that are usually demanding for workers. The demand for skilled workers is usually very higher because more jobs and opportunities are created regularly. They are the provinces with the most job opportunities in Canada, and skilled laborers will be required to fill up these vacancies.

Which Province Has the Best Job Opportunities In Canada?


This is one of the largest provinces in Canada and one of the top favorite locations for immigrants. It is not the cheapest place in Canada to live in, but many immigrants still choose to immigrate to Ontario due to its healthy job market and the competitiveness of the environment. It’s easier to live in Ontario because there you find a great number of immigrants residing there probably someone from your home country that understands your language and can help you adjust to life in Canada. According to a statistical employment report, Ontario currently has over 230,000 unfilled jobs which are the biggest in Canada.

British Columbia

This is another big province with big cities and an accommodating neighborhood for all immigrants looking to find a great job opportunity. It is the second-best job-creating province with so many businesses and companies located here.  The province has a good number of programs designed for bringing investors, businessmen, and women, or Entrepreneurs to create jobs and opportunities for immigrants. The statistical employment report in British Columbia states that over 170,000 are unemployed in the province and that is almost as big as that in Ontario.

Nova Scotia

This province is not as big as the other two on this list but they are up there with them when it comes to job opportunities. The province has a lot of big businesses and companies looking to employ immigrants with the right skill. The immigration route to this province is also pretty much straight forward and easier, since not too many people are applying to this province. The statistical employment report in British Columbia states that over 70,000 are unemployed in the province.


Alberta is argued to be the largest province in Canada or at least that is what most people believe. The province is known for providing tech jobs and they thrive in the technology and energy sector. So, for immigrants who are tech professionals, this should be your top province. They also provide jobs in other sectors such as health, Engineering, and so many others. According to the statistical employment report, Alberta currently has over 45,000 unfilled jobs which are not the biggest in Canada but it is sure enough for you to try.


Quebec is not like the regular provinces in Canada. The preferred language in this province is French language and the place more preference for immigrants who are proficient in French. Quebec also has its own immigration program quite different from the others with their requirements and you will find a better chance of getting a job if you understand the French language more. According to the statistical employment report, Quebec currently has over 150,000 unfilled jobs which are not the biggest in Canada but it is sure enough for you to try.

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