Tips To Expedite Canadian Citizenship Application

Despite being qualified for Canadian citizenship, making mistakes on your application among other factors may delay the processing time.

Securing a Canadian Citizenship comes with numerous benefits that are unavailable to permanent citizens, benefits such as

  • The right to vote and be voted for
  • Unrestricted Travelling Access on a Canadian Passport
  • No need to renew immigration documentation
  • More jobs availability

However securing a Canadian Citizenship is not an easy process, no available shortcuts and it takes years to
become a Canadian Citizen, but you can expedite the application process by getting every necessary information

Canadian Citizenship involves three stage process that must be completed by the applicant. In chronological order the steps include:

  • A Temporary Permit
  • A Permanent Permit
  • Canadian Citizenship

IRCC website provides comprehensive information on how to apply for the three different stages above.

In order to apply for Canadian Citizenship, you must be able to prove the following:

  • You are a permanent Resident(PR)
  • You have lived in Canada as a PR for at-least 1,095 days out of the five years
  • Proof that you passed the language proficiency test. (English or French)
  • Satisfy all tax requirements for at least the 3 years, during the last five years.

Note: If you are serving or have served under the Canadian Armed Forces, you are eligible for expedited application

You cannot become a Canadian citizen if you have recently been or are in prison, on parole or probation, are serving a conditional sentence or have been charged or convicted of an indictable crime. If you are under a deportation order, you also cannot apply.

You may need to apply for proof of citizenship if either of your parents was already a Canadian Citizen when you were born.

You can read more information about the citizenship eligibility on IRCC website.

Application Process

  • Download and fill out the forms in the Canadian Citizen
  • Application Package for both you and your children.
  • Include all supporting documents.
  • Pay the application fee.
  • Mail your application to the Centralized Intake Office (CIO) in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Sit For Citizenship Test

You will have to sit for the Citizenship test when your application is accepted. Children below 18 years of age and adults above the age of 54 are excluded from the citizenship test.

Provide Fingerprints

Providing you fingerprints during the application process ensures you are not prohibited under the citizenship Act.

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