The Requirements to Work in Canada after Graduation

Can I Work in Canada after Graduation? Can I become a permanent resident after I graduate? These are some of the many questions people ask when they apply for a Canadian study visa. Many students are looking for greener pastures in Canada, hoping to secure a good future and good job in the competitive world’s labor market.

The great news is that Canada gives you an edge over many other students studying in different countries. They have set up a plan for each student who comes to study in Canada, from the time you set foot on Canadian soil to the point when you graduate. the plan is to make each student in Canada have a better education, have better working experience, become a better competition in the labor market and finally offer them an option to become permanent residents in Canada.

Canada has great schools that fill up the top 100 spots in the world, and they have opened their doors to international students from around the world. The fees however are not the cheapest, but they have provided thousands of scholarships, grants, student loans, and financial aids to help student afford their fees.

Students who come to Canada are allowed to also work while they are studying and now students are also allowed to work for some years after graduation. The purpose of letting students work is to ensure that they gain the needed Canadian work experience which would help them be better competition in the labor market, and also to help them pay for their fees.

How Long Can I Work In Canada after I Graduate?

As a graduate in Canada, you qualify for a work permit in Canada after you graduate. this work permit will allow you to live, work, and gain working experience which you will need if you’d want to base in Canada permanently. The Canadian government introduces the Post-Graduate Work Permit to retain students who wish to remain in Canada and work after their graduation. With a post-graduate work permit, you can work in Canada for up to 3 years or more. However, you must first meet the requirements before you can qualify.

The Requirements to Work in Canada after Graduation

You are eligible to apply from within or Outside Canada if:

  • You have obtained from a Canadian university a degree, diploma, transcript, or a letter from the school you studied in Canada official attesting to your claims.
  • You have not stayed beyond 180 days from your graduation date. So, 180 days is the amount of time given for each student to apply for a Post-Graduate Work Permit.
  • Your study permit has not expired and will not expire in the period when you apply. However, if your study permit expires, there are things you can do to still be eligible for a PGWP and they include:
  • You can apply for a new study permit before your current study permit expires.
  • You can apply for a visitor visa to enable you to remain in Canada longer
  • Leave Canada entirely, and apply from your home country.
  • You were a full-time student in Canada during your study here.
  • You are not allowed to apply if your study in Canada was funded by Global Affairs Canada
  • participated in the Canada-China Scholars’ Exchanges Program.
  • Your program was online-based, or a majority of your course program was completed online before you moved to Canada.
  • You attended a non-Canadian institution or an unauthorized Canadian institution located also in Canada.
  • The program you attended had an 8 months duration or higher

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