How Students are Moving to Canada After the Pandemic

In a normal year, hundreds of thousands of international students come to Canada to further their studies. But given the circumstances, the year 2020 ain’t a normal year. The coronavirus pandemic is having a devastating impact on economies around the world, has affected the Canadian immigration process in so many ways starting with the lockdown and travel restrictions

The pandemic threat saw Canada shut its borders to non-essential travels. However, the government announced that borders would remain open for international students. They would welcome over 1 million immigrants between 2020-2022, to help grow their economy. Although when they made the announcement they had no idea that they would have such a major distraction.

The required documents needed to move to Canada at this trying period are a valid study permit, a valid travel document like the Temporary resident visa (TRV), the electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), and a post-graduation work permit.

The latest development and immigration rules are that from October 20, 2020, the international students attending a Designated Learning Institute (DLI) must have a COVID-19 readiness plan and can only enter Canada after being approved by their provinces of their self-isolation.

 The DLI must make sure they adhere to these instructions;
  1. The DLI is to guide their students in getting basic things like food and medications during their 14 days quarantine.
  2.  They have to make sure that their students have a plan in place to observe the compulsory 14 days of isolation upon arrival into the country.
  3.  A plan has to be in place to distribute proper information to the students regarding their health and their travel requirements before entering the country.
  4. The DLI should protect the health of students if there are positive cases.

Students are advised to withhold all plans pending proper authorization and requirements. Like earlier said, an international student must have a valid study permit. A letter of introduction that shows they were approved for a study permit. If your study program has been suspended or canceled you will not be allowed into the country.

For the postgraduate student who is looking to get into Canada to further their studies, they are eligible to take an online course in the meantime. As regards the covid-19 pandemic the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have made it possible to have an online course and while in their countries and still apply for a work permit after they graduate.

People often ask how do they get their study permits during this pandemic. To get your study permit the students will need to submit the following items:

Required Documents to get a study permit

  1. Letter of acceptance from a designated learning institution (DLI) in Canada,
  2. Proof of eligibility for a study permit aside from documents unavailable due to covid,
  3. Proof of funds,
  4. Quebec acceptance certificate (CAQ). This only applies to students who applied to Quebec schools.

The students get an approval letter after the submission of the study permit. They should then take it to Canada and present it at the Canadian port of entry (POE). Due to the immigration office closure, the applying students received a halfway approval on their study permit.

Many study applicants are unable to obtain some of the documents required such as their biometrics, medical examination results, police certificates, and their original travel documents. Your study permit will not be rejected if these documents are missing as a result of the pandemic.

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