CRS score of lowest-ranked candidate invited

Ministerial Instructions respecting invitations to apply for permanent residence under the Express Entry system

We rank Express Entry candidates in the pool using a points-based system called the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). About every 2 weeks, we invite the top candidates in the pool to apply for permanent residence during rounds of invitations.

The table below lists all the Express Entry rounds of invitations. You can search, filter and sort the information by any of the fields.Description of the table fields

The way Express Entry works has changed over time. Make sure you check which Ministerial Instructions respecting the Express Entry System apply to your round to see how to calculate your CRS points.Filter itemsShowing 1 to 100 of 187 entriesShow 102550100 entries

#### DateImmigration programInvitations issuedCRS score of lowest-ranked candidate invited
186May 12, 2021Provincial Nominee Program557752
185April 29, 2021Canadian Experience Class6000400
184April 28, 2021Provincial Nominee Program381717
183April 16, 2021Canadian Experience Class6000417
182April 14, 2021Provincial Nominee Program266753
181April 1, 2021Canadian Experience Class5000432
180March 31, 2021Provincial Nominee Program284778
179March 18, 2021Canadian Experience Class5000449
178March 17, 2021Provincial Nominee Program183682
177March 08, 2021Provincial Nominee Program671739
176February 13, 2021Canadian Experience Class27,33275
175February 10, 2021Provincial Nominee Program654720
174January 21, 2021Canadian Experience Class4626454
173January 20, 2021Provincial Nominee Class374741
172January 7, 2021Canadian Experience Class4750461
171January 6, 2021Provincial Nominee Program250813
170December 23, 2020No program specified5000468
169December 9, 2020No program specified5000469
168November 25, 2020No program specified5000469
167November 18, 2020No program specified5000472
166November 05, 2020No program specified4500478
165October 14, 2020No program specified4500471
164September 30, 2020No program specified4200471
163September 16, 2020No program specified4200472
162September 02, 2020No program specified4200475
161August 20, 2020Canadian Experience Class3300454
160August 19, 2020Provincial Nominee Program600771
159August 06, 2020Federal Skilled Trades250415
158August 05, 2020No program specified3900476
157July 23, 2020Canadian Experience Class3343445
156July 22, 2020Provincial Nominee Program557687
155July 08, 2020No program specified3900478
154June 25, 2020Canadian Experience Class3508431
153June 24, 2020Provincial Nominee Program392696
152June 11, 2020Canadian Experience Class3559437
151June 10, 2020Provincial Nominee Program341743
150May 28, 2020Canadian Experience Class3515440
149May 27, 2020Provincial Nominee Program385757
148May 14, 2020Canadian Experience Class3371447
147May 13, 2020Provincial Nominee Program529718
146April 30, 2020Canadian Experience Class3311452
145April 29, 2020Provincial Nominee Program589692
144April 16, 2020Canadian Experience Class3782455
143April 15, 2020Provincial Nominee Program118808
142April 09, 2020Canadian Experience Class3294464
141April 09, 2020Provincial Nominee Program606698
140March 23, 2020Canadian Experience Class3232467
139March 18, 2020Provincial Nominee Program668720
138March 04, 2020No program specified3900471
137February 19, 2020No program specified4500470
136February 05, 2020No program specified3500472
135January 22, 2020No program specified3400471
134January 08, 2020No program specified3400473
133December 19, 2019No program specified3200469
132December 11, 2019No program specified3200472
131November 27, 2019No program specified3600471
130November 13, 2019No program specified3600472
129October 30, 2019No program specified3900475
128October 16, 2019Federal Skilled Trades500357
127October 02, 2019No program specified3900464
126September 18, 2019No program specified3600462
125September 04, 2019No program specified3600463
124August 20, 2019No program specified3600457
123August 12, 2019No program specified3600466
122July 24, 2019No program specified3600459
121July 10, 2019No program specified3600460
120June 26, 2019No program specified3350462
119June 12, 2019No program specified3350465
118May 29, 2019No program specified3350470
117May 15, 2019Federal Skilled Trades500332
116May 01, 2019No program specified3350450
115April 17, 2019No program specified3350451
114April 03, 2019No program specified3350451
113March 20, 2019No program specified3350452
112March 06, 2019No program specified3350454
111February 20, 2019No program specified3350457
110January 30, 2019No program specified3350438
109January 23, 2019No program specified3900443
108January 09, 2019No program specified3900449
107December 19, 2018No program specified3900439
106December 12, 2018No program specified3900445
105November 28, 2018No program specified3900445
104November 14, 2018No program specified3900449
103October 29, 2018No program specified3900442
102October 15, 2018No program specified3900440
101October 03, 2018No program specified3900445
100September 24, 2018Federal Skilled Trades400284
99September 19, 2018No program specified3500441
98September 05, 2018No program specified3900440
97August 22, 2018No program specified3750440
96August 08, 2018No program specified3750440
95July 25, 2018No program specified3750441
94July 11, 2018No program specified3750442
93June 25, 2018No program specified3750442
92June 13, 2018No program specified3750451
91May 30, 2018Federal Skilled Trades500288
91May 30, 2018Provincial Nominee Program200902
90May 23, 2018No program specified3500440
89May 09, 2018No program specified3500441
88April 25, 2018No program specified3500441

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