Tips To Create A Canadian Style Resume

Formatting your Resume the Canadian style may boost your chance of landing your dream job in Canada. There are some basic standards you should know and adhere to when formatting your Resume.

Canadian workforce is highly educated and competitive, in order to get the recruiters attention your resume has to stand out. Your resume should be tailored to suit your skills and the industry you are seeking employment.

How you format your resume is important in getting a job in Canada. Recruiters will assess you based on the information on your resume.

Your resume should contain information that will impress them and make them believe hiring you will be an asset.

Your resume should contain these basics information like:

  • Education
  • Work experience
  • professional development
  • Community or Volunteer experience

Types of Resume/CV

Chronological: The style of resume/cv is time-based, in this format your most recent position should take precedence. Applicants with lots of work experience should use this style of resume/cv format.

Functional: This type of resume/cv format is best for a recent graduate, or applicant with less work experience because of change of career. Functional resume/cv type displays your skills and expertise.

These Tips Will Help You Format Your Resume The Canadian Style

Be Concise

Avoid lengthy and unnecessary details out of your Resume. Try to keep it as simple as possible.

Highlight Vital Information

Your resume should be organized, easy to understand and neatly arranged. If you are applying for a management job, your resume/cv should tell a lot about your skill and competence. Your resume/cv should be arranged according to order, this will advertise you as organized and shows how capable you are of handling tasks.

When compiling your resume/cv, ensure important information is highlighted to grab the attention of the recruiter.
The information on your resume should be organized, detailed and highlighted.

Your qualifications and work experience should be formatted to attract attention

Avoid Using Small Fonts

Make sure the font used in your resume is readable and well formatted and always maintain consistency.

Use Canadian Terms

Use Canadian terms that would pique employers interest like ‘high school or GPA’ (Grade Point Average)

Leverage On Social Media

Maintaining an online presence is important during job hunting. Most employers love to cross-reference applicants resume with their online presence.

Linkedin is a very popular social platform every job seeker should leverage on. It provides a unique platform for recruiters and applicants alike. Ensure you do not have any embarrassing information on your social profile.

Proof-Read Before Submitting

Before you hit the send button, ensure every information is accurate, information like the company’s name you are applying to, the job title you are interested in and dates are all correct. Little mistakes like misspelling could cost you your dream job. Read, read and read again to ensure accuracy, it is advisable to print out your resume/cv and ask a friend or acquaintance to help you proof-read.

Note: save your resume/cv in pdf format for accessibility

Use Different Resume Format

Do not send the same resume style to several employers. You have to tailor your resume for a specific job or company.

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