Requirements to qualify for International Experience Canada

This is a program that allows the youths the opportunity to live and work in Canada for a short period of time. It makes available to youths from more than 30 countries work permits to come to Canada live, work and gain the necessary experience which could help them if they someday wish to become permanent residents.

Applicants should initially make a profile, which would generally inform the Canadian experts and authorities of their desires to come and work in Canada under the working holiday visa.

Candidates that are eligible will be selected and an invitation will be sent to them to formally complete their application to obtain a work permit, nonetheless, this achievement is liable to qualification and eligibility.

Who is Eligible for International Experience Canada 2019?

1. For you to be qualified and eligible to apply for IEC, your home country must be among the participating countries in the IEC work permit program this 2019. Check the list below to ensure that your country is listed.

2. You must have a valid International ID or a Passport during your period in Canada. The work permit should not go past the expiration date

3. The age range is between 18 and 35, which means you must be between these age during the time of application. The age could also vary depending on the country you are from.

4. You must have sufficient funds and proof to support you, the funds should be enough to cover your initial expenses when you touch down Canada, an equivalence of $2,500 CAD should be enough.

5. You must be admissible to Canada.

6. You must pay all required charges for the application.

7. Some people who are citizens for some countries are required to be in their country where they are citizens during the period of application.

Different Categories Of IEC

  1. Working Holiday
  2. Young Professionals
  3. Internal Co-Op Internship

Working Holiday

  • This category of IEC can only be selected if you have no job yet in Canada i.e. if you have not secured any job in Canada when you want to work in different places and with many employers.
  • You will probably need an open work permit.

Young Professional

  • For you to apply under this category, the job you securing in Canada must be classified under the NOC code skill types and levels.
  • It must also be in-line with your profession and should be contributing to the development of your career.
  • You’ll be working with only one employer and in the same place during your period in Canada. Which means you will be paid by one employer and you must not be self-employed.
  • The type of work permit you will likely obtain is the employer-specific work permit.

International Co-Op Internship

  • You will also get an employer-specific work permit for this category of IEC. The job obtained or been offered must also be linked with your course of study or field of study.
  • You must be a student under any post-secondary school or institution. And must have secured a job offer or internship in Canada.
  • You working or doing an internship should be part of your curriculum to complete your studies.
  • You’ll be working in one specific location and for one employer.

How To Apply For IEC

  • You will need to apply online first.
  • Make available all the documents that are required which include; medical exam document, proof of sufficient funds, police report, resume, a passport photograph, your passport, and you will also need to show that your job is linked to your course of study, etc.
  • Pay a fee of $150 CAN.
  • Submit Your Application.

Check the list below to ensure that your country is listed.

Costa Rica
Czech Republic
Hong Kong
New Zealand
South Korea
San Marino

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