Highest Paying Jobs In Canada

Canadian economy over the year has reported a positive trend and most sectors added a good number of new jobs.

Selecting the right job is always a challenge, Whether you are fresh out of school or looking to make a career change.

This article will aid you by pointing toward some intriguing opportunities in some of the fields with the highest pay and greatest potential.

Below is a list of the top 10 ranked careers with intriguing opportunities and salaries.

1. Utility Manager

This category of managers takes care of facilities, plants and distribution systems that bring power to the people.

Salary Range

The annual paycheck of a utility manager is about $114.000 with broad variation based on the kind of utility you oversee.

To qualify as a utility manager, you will need a bachelors degree or diploma in the corresponding field you will be managing.

The government predicts an impressive increase for managers in manufacturing and utilities. this spells opportunity, you will need to demonstrate proven experience to increase your chances.


As a Pharmacist, your roles are not just filling doctor’s report, it involves managing inventory, meticulously updating medical records and advising customers on how to take their medicines.

Salary Range:

Pharmacist in Canada receives up to $104,000 annually with an increase of about 10% over the past years.

To qualify as a pharmacist in Canada you will need a degree in Pharmacology and be registered as a pharmacist with your province.

The government predicts an increase in job openings for pharmacists.

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