Different Categories Of Permanent Residence You Can Apply Under

Canada records about 200,000 people who migrate to Canada each year as a permanent residence. If you complete your application for a permanent residence permit and it is accepted or endorsed, then you will be on a clear path for a lucrative life in Canada.

Once you have obtained your permanent resident card in Canada, you will be allowed to enjoy all the rights in Canada just as Canadian Citizen would, except you would not be allowed to vote in an election or run for any government post.

There are six main categories with which you can apply for Permanent Resident:

1. Skilled Worker Class Immigration

Under this category, a person can apply to become a permanent resident in Canada. Applicants are evaluated based on their language proficiency, the level of education, work experience, job appointment or offer in Canada, age, and their adaptability.

All these segments have their own score, the scores for all of them are collected and recorded. This will be the selection criteria for candidates who scored high.

2. Quebec Selected Immigration

Quebec has a settlement understanding with the Federal Government where they can choose people like workers, Entrepreneurs, students, families or supported refugees who they see as being ideal applicants for citizenship.

Subsequent to choosing the individuals who they feel would be the best immigration candidates, those individuals who are selected are then allowed to apply for permanent residence status under this class.

The individuals who apply for their Permanent Residency under this classification are probably going to get their PR status quicker than the other applicants.

3. Family Class Immigration

In an event where you have a close family member in Canada who is a permanent resident in the country, they could play a pivotal role to help you obtain a permanent resident status faster. More than 40% of the immigrants living in Canada used this category of family sponsoring.

4. Provincial Nomination

The provincial nomination programs are mostly independent i.e. they are mostly controlled or monitored by specific provinces and requires each province to nominate an individual from those who have submitted an application for nominations. When the person or individual has been nominated then he/she can apply for a permanent residence.

5. International Adoption

In this category of the permanent residence, an individual is allowed to adopt persons from different or foreign countries provided that he or she has permanent resident status.

For Canadian citizens who intend to adopt, they must have the necessary funds to provide and cater for the person they want to adopt. They will equally be committed to bringing up the child.

6. Business class immigration

There are numerous individuals who wish to end up Permanent Residents and they apply under this class. The Business Class Immigration Category is also subdivided further into three subcategories which are quite certain in nature. They include–

  • – Investors
  • – Entrepreneurs
  • – Self Employed Persons

These people get their scores dependent on various model relating to experience, their income or net worth, aim and capacity.

On the off chance that the board sees that the person’s business is probably not going to thrive in Canada at that point, chances are that his scores also will be somewhat poor.

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